Welcome to i-Lit Limited

i-Lit Limited provides independent advice to lawyers and their clients about how to
retrieve and examine evidence and documentation from computers and networks.

i-Lit Limited's independence allows its clients to be certain that they
are purchasing the most appropriate solution, at the best possible price.

Whatever the size of the matter i-Lit Limited will meet with both lawyer and client,
advise as to what actions are appropriate and then go to the market place to
ensure that any purchased solution is cost effective, delivered on time and meets
both client and lawyer needs.

Latest News

Adapt or Die?


With 3 e-disclosure firms operating out of Manchester are we starting to see a saturated market? Will the bubble burst? Interesting reading.



i-Lit Paralegals Launched


We have branched out and now offer a comprehensive document review service. More cost effective than in-house review, less risky than outsourcing. Check out the website for more information.