The Electronic Document Questionnaire

The New Practice Direction to the CPR part 31 provides a new questionnaire (previously trailed in the Goodale judgement) to enable the early and detailed discussion of E-Disclosure between parties.

i-Lit Limited is already advising clients on the completion of the new questionnaire and also on how to ensure that the opposition complete it appropriately.

A comprehensive completion of the Electronic Document Questionnaire not only helps solicitors focus their own disclosure exercise but also helps to set the agenda and pace of the disclosure exercise as a whole, putting the opposing party on the back foot from the very start.

i-Lit Limited has been helping clients to exploit the opportunities presented by the early dialogue required by the CPR by drafting effective disclosure protocols since 2006. Whilst not that different from the protocols we were producing anyway we now have now assisted in the completion of the new Electronic Document Questionnaire. The questionnaire is not a requirement in every case but when used it requires discussion with clients, clients IT function and external service providers if it is to be accurately completed, it is complex and detailed and a poorly completed questionnaire could certainly harm your position as to the future recovery of costs.