OverviewElectronic Disclosure

The Practice Direction to the CPR part 31 makes it quite clear that when proportionate and reasonable electronic documents should be disclosed to the opposing parties. The Practice Direction to CPR part 31 is also quite clear about the methods by which is is appropriate to make an e-disclosure exercise both proportionate and reasonable through the use of keyword lists and other searching technologies.

Where to start the exercise, whom to approach for help, how to review documentation, how to project manage and how to keep control over budget and time scales are all areas that need very serious consideration when embarking on an e-disclosure exercise.

i-Lit Limited advises lawyers and their clients on how to keep the exercise as small as possible, whom to approach for external service provision, the best methods of document review, the structure and running of internal review teams and, of course, cost control.

By outsourcing these functions law firms can allow their fee earners to carry on doing what they

are best at, earning fees, in the knowledge that they are saving time and money by using i-Lit

Limited as a dedicated litigation support function.