OverviewPaper Disclosure

The volume of documentation involved in e-disclosure exercises makes it impractical and inefficient to print electronic documents for review and so it is almost always more practical to review them in an electronic database environment.

This leaves the problem of how to review the paper documentation involved in the matter. If there is only a very small volume of paper this can be done in hard copy but it is regularly more effective to digitise paper documents and then introduce them into the electronic documentation database so that e-documents and paper documents can be reviewed side by side on screen.

This sounds like an easy exercise but without the proper advice it is very easy to make simple
mistakes which will impact significantly on the utility of carrying out the exercise at all.

i-Lit Limited provides advice about whether or not to assimilate the paper and electronic document collections and the method of carrying out the exercise when it is appropriate, together with approaching the marketplace for cost and time estimates for the required work.