The revision of the Practice Direction to CPR part 31 radically changed the obligations of lawyers in the U.K. with regards to documentation held electronically. This in turn changed the way in which large and small disclosure exercises are carried out. The decision in Digicel (see the Cases section of this site) has underlined that the courts are prepared use sanctions when litigants don't abide by their obligations under the Civil Procedure Rules and the Practice Directions to them.

Many lawyers, who do not have access to a specialist litigation support manager, do not know whose advice to trust and what is, and is not, necessary when it comes to e-disclosure.

Often lawyers who have used e-disclosure services have found the level of service
disappointing and have been left with the overall feeling that the entire exercise has been expensive and relatively unproductive.

i-Lit Limited ensures that law firms and their clients only buy external services when it is absolutely necessary, and when those services are bought i-Lit Limited will go to the market place for the firm to ensure that the best possible price is found from the most appropriate service provider.


Called to the Bar in 1998, Michael Taylor spent the first 4 years of his career working on 2 high profile public inquiries, initially the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry into complex paediatric heart surgery and subsequently on the Inquiry into the unlawful activities of Harold Shipman.

Michael moved into private practice for Clarke Willmott in Bristol where he managed the Multi-Party Action Department before moving to the Legal Technology service provider Kroll Ontrack. As a Legal Consultant at Kroll Ontrack it was Michael’s responsibility to advise clients as to suitable solutions to their e-disclosure requirements as well as give educational seminars and lectures to Lawyers and Litigation Support Managers on the subjects of e-disclosure, paper disclosure, and computer forensics.

Since setting up i-Lit Limited in 2006 Michael has advised law firms law firms, multi-national corporations and government departments on electronic disclosure, paper disclosure, computer forensics and large scale document review.

Michael has had articles published in many newspapers and periodicals as well as speaking at many seminars, lectures and conferences including;

i-Lit Limited Training Courses

In-house seminars for Top 30 law firms

Central Law Training conferences

Ark Group Conferences

International Bar Association Conferences